Lighthouse Guiding is owned and operated by Susanne Kirchberger. Born in Germany, raised in Greece, Germany and Norway and having lived in various countries, Susanne has a multicultural background that comes in handy when working with clients and guests from all over the world.

Susanne's educational background is from social anthropology, psychology and tourism management. She is a certified Tromsø Guide (by Visit Tromsø) and authorised guide for Tromsø and Norway (by Norges Guide Forbund) and accredited guide by the WFTGA (World Federation of Tour Guide Association).

She is the only tourist guide and tourist guide trainer in Norway accredited by the WFTGA.

Susanne is based in Tromsø, the capital of the Arctic in the north of Norway. Over the past 30 years, she has been guiding in Tromsø, in Norway and Scandinavia in summer and in winter. She has been walking thousands of kilometres on city walks in Tromsø, she has spent hundreds of nights out under the northern lights and has travelled all varieties of tours in Norway and Scandinavia.

In addition to her passion for tour guiding Susanne is working as a corporate trainer and a trainer for new tour guides, city guides and northern lights guides.

What does a tour guide do in her free time? Of course, she travels! Having lived in various continents she enjoys discovering the European countries these years. Though, living in Antarctica is on the list...

The team of Lighthouse is a group of well-trained and experienced city guides, willing to go out of their way to create extraordinary experiences for their clients and guests.