Corporate activities

Conceptual design, development and facilitation of keynote speeches combined with outdoor activities.

Some examples:

  1. 1. Going with the flow.
    Changes. How to live well in times of change.
    This could be combined with a quiet boat excursion.
    Or with a city walk with the title «Tromsø – city of ongoing changes»
  2. 2. Reaching the top.
    Success factors. How to succeed in life.
    This could be combined with a more or less challenging mountain hike.
  3. 3. Standing straight in the eye of the storm.
    Resilience. Competence of the future.
    This could be combined with a boat excursion or a skiing trip.

We start with a short introduction to create awareness around the subject, as well as the guests/ participants get their tasks and set their goals. The next step takes us for our activity like an excursion by boat, a theme-centred city walk or a mountain hike. This is followed up by our next meeting with more input about the subject and time for reflection and further development.

Contents and duration can be customized according to your profile, requirements and objectives.

Please contact us for more information!